Our Reseller Hosting is for our customers who would like to resell hosting to their own customers. Our pricing for the introductory package ‘Single Cell’ is exceptionally low to help get you started while you are building a customer base. This class of hosting is great for Web Designers who need hosting for their customers, for Entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in their own web hosting business. You will be able to customize your Customers CPanel, and nameservers with your own branding as well as design your own hosting packages and classes of hosting and pricing. We have a whole section of reseller information and help to get you started. See Feature list below:

Basic Features Single Cell Multi Cell Super Cell
Disk space 15GB 40GB 90GB
Monthly data transfer 300GB 700GB 1600GB
Max Resold Accounts 8 30 Unlimited
As Low as —> $ 4.50 per month $ 9.53 per month $ 21.59 per month